Architectural, Interior, Exterior Paints

30-35 sqm per 4L
Gloss Level:
Flat, Gloss, Semi gloss
Packaging Size:
1L, 4L, 16L
Universal Professional
Latex Paint
Where to use
Concrete, Fiber Cement Board, Gypsum Board, Masonry, Plaster, Primed Wood

Product Calculator

Paintable Area
Width Of Walls (Meters)
{width_1} + {width_2} + {width_3} + {width_4}
Height Of Room (Meters)
Unpaintable Area
Total Area of Doors (Meters)
{height_door} * {width_door}
Total Area of Windows (Meters)
{height_window} * {width_window}
{total_width_of_walls} * {height_of_room} - {total_of_area_of_door} - {total_area_of_window}
{wall_area_to_be_painted} / {paint_coverage} Liters

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