Architectural, Exterior, Metal Paints

25 - 30 square meters
Gloss Level:
Packaging Size:
1L, 4L, 16L
Universal Roof Armour
Acrylic Roof Paint


Premium quality acrylic based roof paint that is designed and formulated to be highly resistant to rain and the heat.

Where to use
Concrete, Metals, Primed Metal

Product Calculator

Paintable Area
Width Of Walls (Meters)
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Height Of Room (Meters)
Unpaintable Area
Total Area of Doors (Meters)
{height_door} * {width_door}
Total Area of Windows (Meters)
{height_window} * {width_window}
{total_width_of_walls} * {height_of_room} - {total_of_area_of_door} - {total_area_of_window}
{wall_area_to_be_painted} / {paint_coverage} Liters

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